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Rio's Copacabana Beach


* * * * * *  HOLIDAYS: Brazil Holidays & Tours

- G Adventures: more than 20 different Brazil group tour options ranging from backpacker budget to luxury comfort in style - good fun

- Intrepid Travel: good selection of adventure tours around Brazil, includes Rio Carnival packages

- Travelsphere: luxury escorted Brazil holidays lasting 12-17 days, also visiting neighbouring countries in South America (such as Argentina, Peru, Chile)

- Brazil package holidays

- create your own holiday: good for Brazil flights plus hotels



* * * * * *  FLIGHTS: Flights to Brazil from the UK

Direct flights from the UK to Brazil are available with British Airways and TAM Airlines. They both offer direct flights between London Heathrow and Rio de Janeiro and also Sao Paulo.

Also consider a flight with a stop-over in either Lisbon or the USA, which may offer cheaper flight prices.

Search or for ALL flight options to Brazil from the UK.



* * * * * *  HOTELS: Brazil Hotels & Holiday Accommodation

- 300,000+ hotels worldwide, plenty of options for Brazil including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Recife and Salvador hotels

- for backpacker hostels in Brazil and cheap accommodation


Rio de Janeiro in Brazil


* * * * * *  BRAZIL HIGHLIGHTS: Places to Visit

- Rio de Janeiro is usually the first stop for tourists visiting Brazil. Its fame stems mainly from the Rio Carnival which takes place mid-February (just before Lent), marking the forty day countdown to Easter. Since 1840 the carnival has attracted international visitors to the city. Numbers rise steadily each year and the latest figures show a staggering attendance of 500 000 people in one area on one day. The carnival is not merely just one parade but consists of a number of events that take place around the city. Rio is literally transformed into one gigantic party venue for four entire days. Tourists and locals alike drink and dance on the pavements or wherever they can find a spot to be merry.
        Rio is also well known for the statue of Christ the Redeemer. This Brazilian icon shows Christ standing open armed almost embracing the city. It is based on Corcovado Mountain which is also the highest peak in Rio. A tram ride to the top will reveal a stunning view of the city. Though Sugar Loaf Mountain is a little lower than Corcovado, it does offer a panoramic 360 degree view worth seeing. Another great attraction of Rio is the scores of gorgeous beaches lined with hotels, vendors, cafes and nightclubs. The most popular is Copacabana beach. Rio de Janeiro also plays host to some important museums. The Quinta da Boa Vista was once a palace where the Emperors of Brazil resided. Today it is a beautiful park and architectural monument that houses a zoo and the National Museum. The Native Art museum and the Indian Museum are also located within Rio de Janeiro and well worth a visit.

- Sao Paolo is an incredibly large city and in fact the most populated in the southern hemisphere, with 18 million people. This thriving urban centre hosts a number of annual events that draw a great many tourists. These include the Sao Paolo Formula One Grand Prix, Fashion Week, Gay Pride Parade, International Film Festival, Electronic Language International Festival, Festival of Electronic Art and the Art Biennial which takes place every second year. Sao Paolo is also home to numerous museums, theatres, churches and other landmarks of historical significance. The Estação da Luz and Mercado Municipal are two spots worth visiting. The Luz is a historical railways station built in 1895 and the Mercado a historical market that still operates today.

- Salvador is known as Brazil’s capital of happiness. This is due to the laid back, happy-go-lucky nature of the people that live there, the vast amount of outdoor parties and its annual street carnival. It is therefore no wonder that this coastal town is also a popular vacation spot. Fifty kilometres of gorgeous beaches are the main attraction though the city also has a great deal of historical attractions on offer too. Its historic centre is now a UNESCO world heritage site and has undergone major restoration to retain its original early Portuguese charm. Salvador was and still is a very wealthy place. As a result there are colonial palaces, convents and churches of insurmountable beauty. The one-week carnival that takes place in Salvador in February has been classified by the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest street party on earth (yes, apparently even bigger than Rio!) with 2 million people taking part yearly. Another good city to visit in Brazil.

- Brasilia is the capital city and is a destination brimming with striking landmarks and architectural treasures. Must-sees on a sightseeing tour include the Television Tower, Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial, Brasilia Cathedral and the Square of the Three Powers. Meanwhile, if nature spots are high on your agenda then be sure to check out the Paranoá Lake, City Park and the Brasilia National Park.

- Recife is a growing metropolis but also a symbol of Dutch and Portuguese colonisation in Brazil. Numerous seventeenth and eighteenth century structures characterise the city and echo the long standing heritage. This diverse city gives one the opportunity to explore monuments, take a cruise or simply enjoy a cocktail at one of the numerous cafes, bar and clubs along the beachfront. Many bars and outdoor show venues are also located within restored and remodelled buildings located in the old district. Scuba diving is a great attraction of Recife. More than thirty boats lie at the ocean’s bottom just off of Recife’s coast providing scintillating wreck diving opportunities. As with most cities in Brazil, Recife also hosts its own carnival. The party commences one week ahead of the main carnival weekend, the main event taking place on the Saturday night where over a million people trail the Galo du Madrugada group.

- Tres Rios is a city based on the Paraibuna, Paraiba do Sul and Piabanha Rivers. The main attraction in Tres Rios is water rafting on the Paraibuna River. This 21 kilometre course is an adrenaline pumping excursion through the most beautiful of terrains. It is best enjoyed in the summer months when the water levels are high. The course can be done in winter, though the drops are steeper and sometimes the water may be too low. Other attractions in Tres Rios include the highway museum which is a collection of transport relics dating back to the late 1800’s, the statue of Mao Preta, Our Lady of Pity Chapel, Our lady of Conception Church, Swan Bridge, the House of Stone and the Culture House.

- Capixaba Mountains: The Capixaba Mountains play host to a number of small and quaint towns. A visit to any of these promises exceptional hospitality, a cosy environment and great food. This is the place to go to experience true Brazilian flavour when it comes to every facet of Brazilian culture. The beautiful mountainous area obviously offers a wealth of opportunities for exploring caverns, caves, waterfalls, rivers and mountain passes. One can take part in a vast amount of adventure sports or simply take a ride in a 4 x 4 to one of the nearby parks. Conservation areas and natural sites include Rego Rock, Now Rock 7, Caliman Orchid Yard, Filleti’s Hill, Caxixe Frio, the Alta Bananeiro Waterfall, Vargas Waterfall, Maretas Waterfall, Poco Fundo Waterfall, Fumaca Waterfall and finally the Forno Grande, Mata das Flores, Boqueirão and Beira-Rio Reservations.

- Amazon Rainforest & Jungle Trekking: Amazonia covers about seven million square kilometres and a trek through this jungle is truly the best way to experience the utter beauty and sheer grandeur of this region. It is said that one square kilometre contains around 75,000 types of plant life.
    Many tour operators plan either the start point, finish point or both to be the city of Manaus. Trekking is not recommended without an experienced tour guide, many of whom also operate out of this city. Trekking tours range in length from short two day excursions to ten day treks that venture deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Most tours incorporate travelling on the water in some manner. Some offer individual kayaks where others allow for the traveller to hitch a ride on a locally made craft or even a sailboat. Many of the trekking tours also include tree climbing, zip lining, abseiling and other adventurous activities as part of the itinerary and indeed an essential way of moving through the dense and lush environment. Rivers travelled on are usually the Urubu River, Amazonas River, Negro River and Solimoes Rivers.
    Aside from a number of birds and reptiles that the jungle is home to, mammals to be spotted comprise of tapirs, river dolphins, giant otters, a large variety of monkeys, jaguars, pumas, manatees, pacas, sloths, armadillos and deer.

- Other Highlights and Places of Interest: Interesting colonial towns with impressive town centres worth a day of your time each include Alcantara, Sao Luis and Diamantina (an important former mining town). Pirenopolis is another eighteenth century World Heritage site packed with historical buildings and beautiful waterfalls. It is also the launch pad to two nature reserves including the Pireneus Mountains State Park and the Vargem Grande Ecological Reserve. Tiradentes which is located in the Sao Jose Mountain range is an artistic strong hold boasting a wealth of Baroque architecture. Ouro Preto, Mariana, Belem, Mucuge and Carauru are just some other names in the long list of picturesque, interesting and festive locations in Brazil. If you like waterfalls, don’t miss out on the 275 separate waterfalls at the site of the Iguaçu Falls located at the border with Argentina and Paraguay.



* * * * * *  BRAZIL TRAVEL INFO: Guides, Advice & Resources

- The population of Brazil numbers roughly 190 million people.
- The capital city is Brasilia.
- The official language is Portuguese.
- The local currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real (see the best £ vs Real exchange rates

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